SHOWCASE 2019 Details


SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16th   6:30pm  Eastdale Collegiate

Pictures taken on picture day will be available for viewing and purchase at Showcase. 

We will be having a full rehearsal of Showcase at the studio after Picture Day.  Dancers are requested to wear appropriate (they don’t ride up / fall down etc!!) BLACK DANCE CLOTHES.  Please use all the proper shoes/footwear.

Dancers need to arrive at EASTDALE by 4:45 in full hair and make-up and already warmed up!!  (and fed!) They should get settled in the change rooms then go immediately to the stage so we can start our rehearsal.    Only selected groups will be able to rehearse on stage.  At 6:10pm house doors will open and the dancers will clear out of the auditorium and prepare for the show.  Dancers are asked to bring nothing but water bottles and non-messy snacks with them! GUM IS NOT ALLOWED.  Parents will not be permitted in to the rehearsal.  Please form a friendly and organized line up for when the house doors open.  Just a reminder that tickets are $25 each including HST and competitive team dancers are required to purchase a minimum of 4 each or 6 per family.  Buy 5 tickets and get one free!  Dancers in the show will not need to show a ticket to get in. 

Please remember that most solos, duets, trios and even small groups will not be performed in the Recital in June.  Dances to go in the Recital will be chosen based on consistent high marks at competitions, overall awards, entertainment value, overall attendance, attitude and a recommendation from the choreographer (who will consider punctuality, coming prepared and warmed up, co-operation, “marking” etc.)  

Thank you for your assistance in making this day run as smoothly as possible!

Terri and Teachers