Showcase Order

FIRST HALF                                     SECOND HALF


1.  Green Light                                                1.  Ya Never Know

2.  Single Man Drought                                   2.  Rain

3.  Becoming                                                   3.  Woman’s Work

4.  Feel It                                                         4.  Viva

5.  Tequila                                                       5.  Through the Years

6.  Jazz                                                            6.  Shake the Room

7.  OMG                                                          7.  Bel-Air

8.  Material Girl                                               8. When Velma Takes the Stand

9.  The Symphony                                           9.  Near Light

10.  I Am Aldolpho                                         10.  Gone

11.  Rhythm & Thrills                                     11.  Rather Be

12.  Human                                                     12.  I Can Hear the Bells

13.  Islands                                                      13.  Turning Heads

14.  Kaboom Pow                                           14.  Money Money

15.  I Can Do That                                          15.  Lean On

16.  Ring Ring                                                 16.  Heaven’s Door

17.  Samson                                                     17.  Someone Like You

18.  Unravel                                                    18.  Can’t Stop the Beat

19.  Footloose                                                  19.  Umbrella

20.  Purse First                                                20.  Go

21.  Red Football                                             21.  Confident

22.  Something New                                       22.  What We Were Born to Do

23.  Pray                                                          23.  Stay

24.  Can’t Hurry Love                                     24.  I’m Better

25.  P.Y.T.                                                      25.  All the Light

26.  Colour Me In                                            26.  9 to 5



 Everyone should know:

*extra pair of tights at all times – please make sure your tights are NEW so they are the right colour!!

*remember all your costume pieces and shoes - do not expect to be allowed to dance unless in full costume

*no bangs of any kind, ever!  No underwear under costumes (thongs permitted)

*be at all competitions with hair and make-up done ONE HOUR before scheduled dance time.  Many competitions state in the rules that dancers are to be ready to dance as much as one hour before scheduled time.  If you intend to get in costume, fix hair, do make-up, etc., at the location, then you need to be there earlier than one hour ahead.  Dancers should be with their teachers and ready to warm-up and run dances one hour ahead.  Teachers may have several groups to warm-up, rehearse, and be backstage within that one-hour period and the last thing we need (we get stressed and nervous too!) is to look for missing dancers.  If the competition happens to be running behind schedule, you may be given permission to sit in the audience and watch and come back at a designated time.  Please only do this if you have permission!

*no food or gum in costume or near any dance costumes!   Water only!            

*no nail polish or jewelry (except our dance bling)!!     (and no gum!)

*when not on stage, costumes should be covered up.  Please use “Dance Experience” warm-up gear.


New year new Hair Style!  2018 hair will be a 2-inch side part over the left eye with French braids going along the hair line each side to behind the ear and then gathered into a bun.  (with the rhinestone pony holder on top of the bun) There will be a hair and make up demonstration for those who feel they need it on Saturday, January 20th at 12:30 pm.  We will also post pictures and videos on the website.  For Musical Theatre and Hip Hop at competitions, we will try to do the “requested” styles provided it “works”.  Watch for hair instructions in emails.  Solos and duets are free to have a fun hair style of their choosing provided they have time and permission from the choreographer.  For picture day and Showcase, everything will be the Hair Style 2018 to keep things easy.


We are going to continue to use the same make up as last year (black and white eyeshadow and red lipstick).



*Foundation and powder to match skin tone (or a shade darker).

*Blush (fairly dark).  (two shades to be used for contouring is recommended)

*Black and white eye shadow and black eyeliner  (recommend a liquid and a pencil) + brown eyebrow pencil

*Lips should be outlined in a shade darker than the lipstick, or in brown.  Musical theatre numbers should have lips outlined in black.

 ALL LIPSTICK WILL BE “RED HOT” (L’Oreal # 330 – possibly discontinued) or “BRITISH RED” (L’Oreal #350 – was discontinued but it’s back) OR “TRUE RED” L’Oreal #502.  L’Oreal also has a “Red” which is fine as well.

When applying make-up, please remember that the purpose of it is NOT to make yourself/your daughter look pretty for going on stage.  It is stage make-up, which is intended to enhance their features from far away under bright lights that would normally wash them out and turn them into dancing white blobs.  (If you look nice when you’re finished applying your make-up, then you aren’t finished!) Eyebrow pencil for the fairer girls is crucial!!!  We want to see EXPRESSION!!

*Earrings, chokers, and rhinestone hair accessories will be worn for all dances unless specified.  (check the chart)  

Just a reminder that competition info will go out via the website and email only! Watch for them!

See over for more details specific to each dance.  Solos, Duets, and Trios please consult your choreographer.

Good Luck to all this year – and remember, be responsible, be a team, and have fun!   

XO Terri



Please see over for schedule of picture times.  Pictures taken on picture day will be available for viewing and purchase at Showcase the next week. For the run thru dancers are asked to be in appropriate (they don’t ride up / fall down etc!!) BLACK DANCE CLOTHES.  Please use all the proper shoes/footwear.

SHOWCASE:  SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 11th 2:00pm Eastdale Collegiate

Dancers need to arrive at EASTDALE by 12:15 in full hair and make-up and already warmed up!!  (and fed!) They should get settled in the change rooms then go immediately to the stage so we can start our rehearsal.    Only selected groups will be able to rehearse on stage.  At 1:40pm house doors will open and the dancers will clear out of the auditorium and prepare for the show.  Dancers are asked to bring nothing but water bottles and non-messy snacks with them! GUM IS NOT ALLOWED.  Parents will not be permitted in to the rehearsal.  Please form a friendly and organized line up for when the house doors open.  Just a reminder that tickets are $20 each including HST and competitive team dancers are required to purchase a minimum of 4 each or 6 per family.  Buy 5 tickets and get one free!  Tickets will be $25 at the door.  Dancers in the show will not need to show a ticket to get in.

Please remember that most solos, duets, trios and even small groups will not be performed in the Recital in June.  Dances to go in the Recital will be chosen based on consistent high marks at competitions, overall awards, entertainment value, overall attendance, attitude and a recommendation from the choreographer (who will consider punctuality, coming prepared and warmed up, co-operation, “marking” etc.) 

Please see  Showcase order below! 

Thank you for your assistance in making this day run as smoothly as possible! 

Terri and Teachers



Make-up can be slightly lighter than regular stage make-up, but please wear your red lipstick and all appropriate jewelry, hair styles, (when possible) tights, shoes, etc.  Be ready (not arrive!) for your first picture at least 10 minutes ahead of time.  No false eyelashes.  Dancers should pack a non-messy lunch/snacks to get them through the day.  (try not to rely on delivering them fast food – this often puts us behind and creates way too much garbage!)  Thanks!!

10:15     Through the Years, I’m Better, Pray / Something New, Bel-Air, Red Football / Stay, Rain, Rather Be, Feel It

10:30     Purse First

10:40      Umbrella

10:50     Woman’s Work

11:05     Samson, Lean On, I Can Hear the Bells

11:20     Near Light, Footloose

11:40     Tequila

11:50      P.Y.T., Can’t Hurry Love, Single Man Drought, All the Light

12:00      What We Were Born to Do

12:10      Ya Never Know

12:20      Green Light    

12:40      OMG, Unravel, Can’t Stop the Beat, Becoming, Confident, Viva  

12:50      Gone, Someone Like You, Money Money, Jazz, I am Aldolpho

1:00       The Symphony

1:10       Human, Rhythm & Thrills, Material Girl, When Velma Takes the Stand, I Can Do That  

1:20       Kaboom Pow,  Shake the Room

1:35       Turning Heads

1:45       Go, Heaven’s Door

1:55       Colour Me In

2:15       Ring Ring, Islands

2:25       9 to 5


*9 to 5 will dance first at Run-thru


TUESDAY, JANUARY 9th & 16th  

5:00-5:15     Viva (Terri):00-5:15   Sta(Emily)

5:15-5:45     The Sympony (Terri):15-5:45   Jazz & Gone (Emily)

5:45-6:30     9 to 5 (Terri):45-6:30   Bel-Air & Unravel & Pray (Emily)

6:30-7:00     Umbrella (Emily):30-7:00   Can’t Hurry Love & P.Y.T (Shauna)

7:00-7:30     Samson (Emily):00-7:30    Footloose (Shauna)

7:30-8:00     Green Light (Emily):30-8:00    I Can Do That (Shauna & Terri)

8:00-8:30     Purse First (Emily):00-8:30    Confident (Shauna)

8:30-9:00     OMG & Human (Emily):30-9:00   Material Girl (Shauna)



5:00-5:30     Something New & When Velma Takes… (Terri) 

5:30-6:00     Ya Never Know (Terri):30-6:00    Rather Be & Lean On (Shauna)

6:00-6:30     Money Money & Single Man Drought (Terri):00-6:30    Tequila (Shauna)

6:30-7:00     Rain & I’m Better (Laura):30-7:00     Near Light (Shauna)

7:00-7:30     Woman’s Work (Laura):00-7:30     Kristen & Through the Years (Shauna)

7:30-8:30     Outside the Lines (Laura)

8:30-9:00     Becoming & Islands (Laura)

9:00-9:30     All the Light & Heaven’s Door (Laura)

9:30-9:45     Red Football



5:00-5:30     Go (Terri)5:00-5:30    Can’t Stop the Beat (Kelly)

5:30-6:00     Ring Ring (Terri)

6:00-6:30     Shake the Room (Terri)

6:30-7:00     I Can Hear the Bells & I am Aldolpho (Terri)TUDIO IS AVAILABLE FOR ANY SENIORS

7:00-7:30     Kaboom Pow (Terri)HO WOULD LIKE TO PRACTICE SOLOS ETC

7:30-8:00     What We Were Born to Do (Terri)N THEIR OWN!

8:00-8:30     Someone Like You & Feel It (Terri)

8:30-9:00     Turning Heads


***Times do not include a warm-up.  Dancers are expected at least 

10 minutes early to warm up on their own!!!

Please note that the first day back to dance after the Christmas Break


How-To: Sign up for the Team Email list!

If you are currently receiving competitive team emails – you don’t have to do anything! If you are not read on!

Every year we ask you (the parents) to login to our team site and sign up for our team email list. This list is totally different from the main studio list. If you are on the team then you need to be on this list. ALL team information about competitions, important dates etc. will be delivered to your inbox. So you should subscribe, it's fun!

Head on over to and enter the login credentials Password : TDEROX

Remember the password is case sensitive, yes the password is all caps. Once logged in, on the right side of the page is the same looking box you should have used to subscribe to the regular news email list.

Fill out your name and email and hit subscribe. NOW! here is the really important part. Check your inbox and or your spam folders for a confirmation email from us. You NEED to tell us via a link in that email that yes you did subscribe. This is a double opt-in. If you don't say "yeah TDE I want to be on your email list" you won't get any updates. Please make sure you verify your subscription. This works for both lists.

So in short.
• login at • Enter your information
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Thanks. I want to see all of you join this list. If you need help email me -Drew (TDE tech guy)

2017-2018 Competition Information!

Please make sure you are on our team email list!   ALL of your further information will be via email.  Please see over for instructions from Drew as to how to get on our current competitive team mailing list!

Here are your important dates and locations:  (mark your calendar!)

November 3rd – 6th:  Costume deposits are due for all “extra” dances (Contemporary, MT, solos/duets etc)

December 1st:  Prices go up on all “extra” dances!

December 11th: Final date for submitting cheque(s) for entry fees – see details below

January 5th – 8th:  Second costume deposit due for ALL costumes being made by “Dance With Me” ($40 ea)

January 9th - 11th, 16th – 18th:  Important extra rehearsals (at the studio – times & days TBA)

Sunday February 4th:  Picture Day & Showcase run-through (at the studio – times TBA)

Sunday February 11th:  SHOWCASE 2018!!  (in the afternoon)  EASTDALE C.V.I. - OSHAWA

Friday Feb. 16th – Mon. Feb. 19th:  Family Day Weekend – CLASSES CANCELLED!! (first time ever!! Enjoy!)

March 2nd - 4th:  StarCatchers Dance Competition – Armenian Youth Centre – North York

March 20th - 22nd:  Extra Rehearsals & Make up classes at the studio for missed Saturday classes – schedule TBA

March 23rd – 25th:  Be Dance Competition – Orillia Opera House – Orillia (Hotel info to follow)

April 13th – 15th:  Strive Dance Competition – PC HO Theatre – CCC, Scarborough

April 27th - 29th:  Shooting Stars Dance Competition – Bowmanville High School, Bowmanville




Cheques for entrance fees must be received by December 11th at the latest.  You can divide the fees in half and write two cheques if necessary.  One cheque can be dated December 11th and the other December 30th.  Please clearly list (on the cheque or separately) ALL of the routines that your child(ren) is in. Total fees including HST (all 4 competitions added up) are as follows:

Solos:  $340      Duet/Trio:  $225     Groups:  $180  (per dancer/per dance)

Improv solo category:  (not available at Strive) $225

We are still finalizing shoes/tights etc.  Info will follow!

Thank you and I /we are looking forward to a fun and exciting competition season!